Space Shooty 2016

This game cannot be played on a small screen!

Please try on a PC with at least 1080p resolution.

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Keyboard Controls

(Please click the game window to capture it)

MouseLeft Click
TouchscreenTap / Longpress

About Space Shooty 2016

Pilot your ship with your finger while shooting alien spaceships and collecting powerups in this retro-inspired Space Shooter! It's you against the Living Planet NMX-3801. Can you make your way through all five stages with your multitude of weapons? Aim for a high score while you face off against the multi-tiered bosses!

This was my first major project and I used the concept of a 5-stage shoot-em-up as inspiration to learn GameMaker Studio (GMS) , which uses a JavaScript-adjacent programming language.

All of the enemies and bosses use a number of unique systems inside GMS, to push my knowledge of the engine as well as stretch my programming skills. For example, the Spheres boss of Level 4 uses a set distance as well as rotation method to encircle/protect the Core, protecting it while also attacking the player. As spheres get destroyed the attacks increase in speed and frequency.


Music by BoxCat Games and used under a Creative Commons License.

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